SIMx 1.0 - Interactive retail business simulation

A new way to experience Retail.
SIMx is a retail simulation model designed to facilitate a complete understanding of the retail business and its main functions, based on decades of research and field operational experience. By offering real-life environments and a competitive situation, participants are encouraged to find the key factors to building a solid business and practice some of the skills that lead to that success in managing a retail operation.

SIMx Brochure

Key Learning:

In a highly collaborative and interactive setting, peers from across the retail industry share ideas, explore best practices by running a virtual retail business in a simulate environment and learn to:

  • Think more strategically about the retail business.
  • Interpret consumer, competitive, and market research insights effectively and implement changes based on the data.
  • Develop and apply enhanced operating management and assortment strategies.
  • Become more data driven in building strategy, including financial modeling and productivity analysis.
  • Manage strategic resources efficiently.