Logistic & Replenishment

Improve sales, margin and inventory productivity.

Out-of-stocks remains the largest problem for retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the worldwide consumer goods industry. And many organization rely on their best guess and instinct to help them decide when to replenish the inventory of stock products and how much of each product to reorder. They are relying on staff to alleviate customer service problems and improve profitability.

Reduce out of stock

Our experience and analysis shows that 70-75 percent of out-of-stocks are a direct result of retail store practices (either underestimating demand or having ordering processes / cycles that are too lengthy) and shelf-restocking practices (product is at the store but not on the shelf).

Prisma will help to resolve and dramatically reduce out of stock and improve sales, margin and inventory productivity. Prisma provides new ways to address out of stocks by giving retailers a tool that challenge the traditionally recommended solutions that carry the heavy ongoing costs of increased labor or greater inventory safety stocks.