The Retail Leader

Leadership and Execution.
In the retail business, the greatest impact source in results keeps on being the execution. Execution is what distinguishes us from a mediocre competitor. There is no competitive weapon more powerful than the consistency in satisfying a customer. A gesture, a smile, an attitude may generate more loyalty in a customer than any system of grades. Staff is at the center of the execution, and a team needs a leader to deliver this valuable activity. This is the importance of The Retail Leader.
Retail Leader Brochure

About the Program:

The Retail Leader Program won't give you a specific leadership recipe to follow. But it will educate you how to prepare yourself —strengthening your management acumen, and interpersonal skills. This comprehensive, one-day program with enhanced content and real example will empower you to build and motivate effective teams and drive change in yourself and your organization.

This program will enhance your understanding of the critical interface between strategic challenges external to the organization and internal organizational leadership, and execution issues.